Hungarian soldiers from a mechanized unit sitting on top of the fuselage of a downed air plane.

I do a lot of photograph restorations and try to make the best of every image. Among the many single photographs in the collection, I sometimes make interesting findings. The photographs may not always have to be of great military significance, but just a glimpse of the everyday life of the soldiers. Someone, somewhere captured a moment of their life for the future, and it made it's way all the way to this day. 

The old paper print may be damaged by the many years that passed, but still hold the moment it was made for. The soldiers and the photographer have disappeared in to the shadows of history and the print is stored in one of the many the boxes of my collection. Still the image of that moment and it's historical value will in the future belong to everyone reading this blog and who's interested in the military history of the 20th century conflicts of Hungary. 

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