Honvéd Portrait
Hungarian Air-Force Honvéd (private)

I often get the question what kind of photographs I use for this blog. Do I use the best possible quality photos, what size images I use, how do I acquire the right contrast and do I fix the photographs by manipulation.

The photographs I use is normally the ones that is overlooked, but still contains very interesting details, and have potential if scanned and worked on. They might not be very expensive or sought after, but still a part of history. 
I scan the photographs in very high resolution and digitally remove damages and dust so the photograph get's it's original quality back, and then I work on the contrasts for the best finish. Sometimes this work (usually done in the darkroom by the paper developing) was never properly made, and left the original photo with poor contrast. This is easily fixed in Photoshop and brings out an image never seen before. 

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