The most interesting photographs, are the ones that captures the moments of soldiers everyday life. By the time of the great war (1914-18), photo-technique had become less complicated and accessible for many "non professional photographers". The war had become the first major war, documented by amateur photographers in form of soldiers bringing their own camera equipment. 

100 years have passed since this moment when these soldiers lives froze in time, the paper-print has faded in contrast and turned yellow. None of the soldiers lives to tell what happened, no writings on the back of the photograph can reveal or give any more informations about were they might have been at the time. A simple meal, photographed by one of the soldiers in a moment between the duties of the Austo-Hungarian regiment he belonged, is now a part of history. 

Thanks to modern day digital technique, that moment lives on and can be shared with the world instead of fading away in the old photo-album, hidden away in a military collection.

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